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The Power of Video Documentation in Veterinary Endoscopy: A Case of Diagnostic Clarity


In the field of veterinary medicine, effective communication and accurate documentation play crucial roles in ensuring the highest level of patient care. With advancements in technology, mobile veterinarians like Dr. Gil Hodges are utilizing innovative tools such as USB scopes, iCap software, and CloudEndo subscriptions to enhance their diagnostic capabilities and streamline their procedures. In this blog post, we explore a remarkable case that highlights the power of video documentation in resolving a diagnostic discrepancy and ultimately improving patient outcomes.

The Importance of Video Documentation:

Dr. Hodges, a mobile veterinarian based in Ocala, Florida, relies on a portable and comprehensive setup consisting of a USB scope, iCap 7 software, and a CloudEndo subscription. This combination empowers him to perform endoscopic procedures efficiently at various clinics while ensuring accurate and detailed documentation of each case.

A Challenging Biopsy Procedure:

During one of his recent procedures, Dr. Hodges encountered a challenging biopsy scenario. He needed to collect a tissue sample for further analysis, which he diligently performed while recording the entire procedure using his USB scope and iCap software. By capturing high-quality video footage and still images, he created a comprehensive visual record of the biopsy process, ensuring no critical details were missed.

Resolving a Diagnostic Discrepancy:

After sending the biopsy sample to a diagnostic lab for interpretation, Dr. Hodges received unexpected news. The lab claimed that the sample collected was insufficient for accurate analysis and proposed charging him for the time spent on the procedure. However, armed with the video documentation from the CloudEndo platform, Dr. Hodges was confident in his technique and decided to present the evidence to the lab.

The Power of Video Evidence:

The lab was initially skeptical but agreed to review the video footage provided by Dr. Hodges. To their surprise, the video clearly demonstrated that Dr. Hodges had collected an ample tissue sample during the biopsy procedure. It became evident that the diagnostic discrepancy lay with the lab's interpretation rather than the procedure itself.

Enhancing Communication and Ensuring Accuracy:

This case underscores the importance of video documentation in veterinary endoscopy. By recording the entire procedure, veterinarians like Dr. Hodges can provide comprehensive visual evidence to support their clinical decisions and resolve any potential diagnostic disagreements. In this instance, the video footage served as an objective and indisputable record, leading to a revision of the lab's interpretation and avoiding unnecessary charges.

Benefits of iCap and CloudEndo Integration:

Dr. Hodges's positive outcome was made possible through the seamless integration of iCap software and CloudEndo, forming a robust endoscopic management system. The iCap software allows for easy video capture and still image documentation, ensuring a complete visual record of the procedure. CloudEndo, as a cloud-based storage and management platform, offers secure access to the recorded videos and images, enabling efficient retrieval and sharing when necessary.

Empowering Mobile Veterinarians:

Dr. Hodges's experience highlights how the combination of USB scopes, iCap software, and CloudEndo subscriptions empowers mobile veterinarians to provide exceptional patient care while overcoming potential diagnostic challenges. With the ability to perform procedures at various clinics, these veterinarians can rely on reliable documentation to enhance communication, improve collaboration with other specialists, and ensure accurate diagnoses.


In the evolving landscape of veterinary medicine, the integration of cutting-edge technologies like USB scopes, iCap software, and CloudEndo subscriptions is revolutionizing the way mobile veterinarians approach endoscopic procedures. Dr. Gil Hodges's case exemplifies the power of video documentation in resolving diagnostic discrepancies, ensuring accurate interpretation, and ultimately benefiting both the veterinarians and their animal patients. By embracing these innovative tools, veterinarians can provide

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