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The key factor for vets who frequently read medical imaging studies
is selecting the appropriate reading station.

The perfect reading station needs to be user-friendly and provide the highest level of functionality. iQ-VIEW for fulfills both of these requirements since it has been designed by radiologists for imaging specialists.


BASIC and PRO The software is available in two editions as part of the environment. The BASIC edition - iQ-VIEW - includes all required features for viewing and reading while iQ-VIEW PRO additionally offers professional tools for reading specialists like presentation states and individually customizable hanging protocols. Hanging Protocols make it easy to view for instance pre-purchase examinations of horses for facilities dealing with equine patients. Studies and images can be loaded automatically as each veterinarian wishes to read them.


Quick and Easy Using iQ-VIEW offers quick and intuitive access to tools for improved efficiency when accessing data stored in All image processing tools can be selected via buttons, menu items, or keyboard shortcuts. A configurable toolbar in the viewer facilitates the easy selection of functionalities needed for processing images. The most relevant buttons can simply be set up in the user’s own default toolbar.


Previous Studies - Automatically iQ-VIEW PRO provides a unique automatic previous studies management, which helps the veterinarian save time by searching for relevant previous studies of an animal patient and loading them automatically into the viewer from Through matching similar animal patient names in addition to searching for the same patient ID, the number of missed relevant priors is reduced significantly.


Import Dialog A special feature of the import module is that fields for veterinary view positions, body parts, and vet-specific information, such as species, breed, owner, and studbook info are available. This data can be added to the image to complete the information workflow.

Flexible integration iQ-VIEW can be integrated into virtually any practice management system available in today’s market. Specialty readers find interfaces to further image analysis tools, such as 3D post-processing.


Versatile uses: Import - Export - Report iQ-VIEW can function as an image acquisition station by importing images from scanners, directories, and portable media, including options for patient reconciliation offered in the PRO version. It is also possible to attach scanned documents to an already existing study.


The software can further be used as an exporting station by writing imaging data and reports to CDs, DVDs or memory sticks, by printing on Windows® laser printers or DICOM medical imagers (including true-size DICOM printing), or by emailing any study from to a colleague (even in diagnostic quality). iQ-VIEW may be used as a manual radiological media burning station – or alternatively, as a semi-automatic one in connection with iQ-ROBOT for CloudEndo.*


iQ-VIEW cannot only be used to read studies and reports on, but it also comes with a basic reporting module, that enables users to create, edit, store, and send their own structured reports.


Teleradiology? No problem. iQ-VIEW is also ideal for teleradiology purposes. Encrypted DICOM email makes it possible – ask any colleague anywhere in the world for a second opinion – with only one mouse click! This technology allows the quick, easy exchange of information among colleagues by email. Or, use the email feature to send out your image data as JPEG files.


Licensing Depending on your needs, iQ-VIEW is available either with a single or a concurrent license. A single license is bound to the computer on which the application is installed. Concurrent licensing (i.e. floating licensing or network licensing) is an alternative licensing model allowing to use a specified number of workstations installed within a network at the same time without having to license each application individually.


Certified quality and reliable service, Of course, iQ-VIEW is FDA 510(k) certified and complies with the DICOM and IHE standards. The application is compatible with virtually all medical imaging DICOM devices on the market, regardless of the manufacturer. Continuous improvements to the software, combined with intensive testing in IMAGE Information Systems’ quality assurance labs, guarantee that iQ-VIEW’s high level of stability is maintained at all times.


Low maintenance costs assure a quick return on investment.

The worldwide network of manufacturer-trained service engineers ensures that guidance and support are just around the corner. with iQ-VIEW places you, the reading veterinarian, at the heart of all diagnostic processes. Receive studies from all modalities or a PACS in your reading station, be connected with your colleagues and referring veterinarians via DICOM or DICOM email or easily run iQ-VIEW integrated with your practice management system. You can even use specialty tools closely interfaced with your viewer for 3D post-processing.

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