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OUTSTANDING WORKFLOWS TO MEET UNIQUE NEEDS VNA is designed to increase efficiency and reliability in medical media management, while also providing a cost-effective solution for healthcare providers. Our VNA offers integration of DICOM and other related media modalities from various vendors on one platform. We provide reliable access to all digital medical information, making it easier to store, organize and share data between departments, clinicians, patients, and other stakeholders.


With CloudEndo VNA integrated into your system, you will have the flexibility to manage a large variety of digital media formats within the same platform. This includes both veterinary imaging files as well as human imaging files such as X-Rays, Ultrasounds, CT scans, MRI scans, and video assets all online with CloudEndo.

MANAGE is a Vender Neutral Archive built on cloud-based PACS technologies with on-demand solution to access, view, store, import, print and share medical images efficiently and securely.
CloudEndo,com supports virtually all DICOM image formats and transfer
syntaxes in data transmission and is therefore crucial for semantic
Extensive administrator controls and rights management. Administrators are invited to schedule a web demo. To request a demo please use the contact window below. 


Computers and networks dedicated to the storage, retrieval, distribution

and presentation of medical images are known as picture archiving and

communication systems (PACS) in the medical field. In order to facilitate

proper communication between them and the modalities, standardized

formats for Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine were necessary.

Attending to this need, DICOM was created, as a continuously developed

set of imaging standards that allow different medical devices to interface



Thousands of satisfied clients all over the world benefit from our state-of-the-art products for PACS, RIS, X-ray solutions, 3D processing and teleradiology.


Our core technology is used to provide a single national PACS system for more than 1.000 physicians for a country of 4 million people.


Tailor-made VET-PACS and VETRIS

with fields for owner, species etc.


Advanced WebViewer with vet-specific measurements, such as the Norberg Angle, TTA, TPLO, VHS and special post-processing and orthopedic templating options. 


Many of the current issues in medical imaging result from the lack of interoperability

between formats and systems. offers state-of-the-art solutions to face these challenges and increase the efficiency of the radiological workflow.

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